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Organic cranberries are now in great demand. Our farm alone has not been able to produce enough crop for the many new customers. We believe that organic agriculture best protects all living things and is more and more the choice of both the consumer and the grower. We need to help each other in learning how best to grow our crop organically, how to prepare it for the market and how to sell it so that the grower gets a fair price and the consumer gets a quality product.

Here, at Cranberry Hill, we have taken the berries from the field through all the steps of cleaning, screening and packaging and sold them directly to consumers or distributors of organic produce. It is a lot of work but it is the only way that we can guarantee the quality and integrity of our crop. Our facilities for doing all this are limited at present. If other growers join us in a well run Organic Growers’ Cooperative we will be able to expand these facilities and also develop our own processing plant taking the berries from the bog through all the steps to the final product s of juice, sauce or other value-added products. And we can all share this rapidly expanding market.

Here is how we see the advantages of a cooperative: organic management is labor intensive and best suited to small bog areas . Since small growers are limited in their expenditures they can share equipment, management ideas and help each other with bog construction, planting and harvesting. The value of a small crop can be maximized and the bog environment protected. Marketing together and creating value added products protects the economic interests of the grower.

If you are a grower interested in membership in the organic cooperative, please contact us by e-mail or phone 508-888-9179, and we will be happy to forward coop information to you.

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