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Today people know better what is healthy. Everyone wants organic cranberries as well as organic everything else. And why not? The berries taste good, they have not been near any chemical or synthetic inputs and they contain all the healthful nutrients special to cranberries without leaving behind in their environment anything harmful to other life forms. The vines are healthy and resistant to diseases. We are willing to accept lower yields and do not ”push” our vines into high yield production with chemical fertilizers. This keeps the soil and the insects in balance, we welcome the presence of our helpers: such as spiders, wasps, bees, birds and other residents of the bog.

In the spring we flood the bog with clean spring water to retard the development of pests and weeds. We put on a layer of sand to bury some insect eggs and improve the surface of the bog. We feed the vine with fish emulsion and other organic nutrients, and weed, weed, weed by hand. It is a lot of work and we hope that the spirits of the the Native Americans who lived here before us and appreciated the cranberry harvest, see us and approve of how we manage our bogs.

Even after the many years of organic growing, we learn something new every year and still have much to learn about Vaccinium Macrocarpon - the American Cranberry. Our berries are so much in demand that we begun to look for other growers who may want to join us in forming an organic Cranberry Growers Cooperative and for all those interested we have started a monthly Organic Cranberry Growers’ Newsletter.

The bog is certified as organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers for the Northeast United States and inspected every year. All the mateials we use on the bog have been reviewed either by Baystate Organic Certifiers or by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and allowed for organic crop production.

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