Quantity Price
5 lbs (minimum) $40.50 (Includes shipping)
10 lbs $68.50 (Includes shipping)
30 lbs Bulk Box $150.00 + shipping
(call for shipping charge)

All other quantities, please call 508-888-9179 for prices and shipping charges. Please send a check with your order, we do not as of now accept credit cards.

Please note: Fresh cranberries are only available from October through December. Frozen cranberries may be available off season, inquire by email cranhill@capecod.net.

Sweet Dried Cranberries -- all organic, minimum order one pound. Price $9.75 per pound. Plus Shipping.

Please send your name, address and order quantity along with a check payable to:
Cranberry Hill Farm
103 Haskell Road
Plymouth, MA 02360

We will send out your order as soon as we receive your check or money order. To pay with a credit card please order by contacting www.localharvest.org

Cranberry Hill has been a grower of organic cranberries since 1986. Our berries are now available for individual orders shipped via FedEx. These are traditional Cape Cod berries. Their small size and deep color intensify the concentration of beneficial health properties.You can now make your juice to your own specifications.

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Freeze the cranberries, Freezing softens the skins and allows the berry to be juiced in a home juicer without loss of health benefits. Defrost 2 cups of berries and run through a juicer. Add 1/2 cup of water to the juicer at the end to flush out the last of the juice.

This will yield 10 ounces of very strong and very sour juice.
Add an equal amount of other liquid and sweetner to make the juice to your desire. Organic apple juice is easily available. White grape juice makes for the best tasting combination. Experiment with what you like.

Yield 20 oz.